Wilderness Island – 'Where the World Has Paused'

Wilderness Island is a fishing and ecological paradise in Exmouth Gulf in North West Australia that offers small groups an exclusive and unforgettable experience on their own private island.

In an untouched environment fishermen, families and nature lovers alike can enjoy the beauty of the Island and its surrounding waters and experience a range of activities such as fishing, whale watching, snorkelling, kayaking, bird watching, exploring, star gazing or just simply relaxing.

Featured on TVs 'Fishing Australia', 'Today Tonight', 'Just Add Water', and Magazines, RM Williams 'Outback', 'Australian Traveller', 'Fishing Wild', Skywest 'Out There', 'Snagged', and RAC 'Horizons'.

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Wilderness Island News | Eco Tourism Resort & Fishing Camp – Exmouth

Wilderness Island Sail fish

They feed on tuna and mackerel, some of the fastest fish in the Ocean. They are able to prey on the faster fish in the sea because they are one of the fastest fish in the ocean, their top speed has been clocked at 68 mph. We are lucky enough to have an amazing Sailfish ground very close by, only 12 miles in fact, from Wilderness Island. If … [Read More...]

Longtail Tuna at Wilderness Island

We nearly always have Longtail Tuna here in the Exmouth Gulf, but over July and August get set for some really insane fishing action When the Robust Garfish arrive in big schools, the BIG Long-tail follow them in, making for some of the most exhilarating fishing that I have experienced to date. The Gardies come right up into the shallows on the … [Read More...]

Queenfish on the Flats

Queenies would have to be one of the holy grail fish for shallow water sight casting. Hunting these fish on the flats in a metre of water on light tackle or fly is some of the most exciting fishing there is. You spot the cruising fish, cast your lure, see the fish take interest and watch as it smashes your lure and hooks up. In such shallow water, … [Read More...]

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel would have to be one of the most under-rated fish in the ocean. Not only can they be great fun to catch, but well looked after and treated as you would reef fish, they are fantastic eating too. I would  agree though that trawling around waiting for a spaniard to take the lure can be a bit monotonous. We like to take a bit of a … [Read More...]

Mangrove Jack at Wilderness Island

People often ask me what is the most prolific species of fish we get at Wilderness Island. Without doubt it would have to be Mangrove Jack. Now, I never realised that so many people want to catch Mangrove Jack. I know they are great eating and its pretty much my favourite fish anyway, but there's a huge amount of fishermen who have been angling for … [Read More...]

Humpback Whales in the Exmouth Gulf

Humpback Whales can be seen in the area between July – November. The humpback whale is the fifth largest of the great whales and can weigh up to 40 tonnes. On their annual migration they come in to the Exmouth Gulf to give birth and mate again. They have a significant rest period in Exmouth Gulf to give the young a chance to fatten up before … [Read More...]

Wilderness Island 2015

We have been very busy at the island in 2014. We have completed cabin number 6 at last, and started to build a small rock wall that has turned into a 'great wall of China'. It looks pretty good though and the new area has really opened up our 'front yard'. The area used to get a bit crowded with more than 10 people but now there's plenty of room … [Read More...]

Fly Fishing in Exmouth

Ok, here are the facts. Wilderness Island is situated right on The Eastern side of Exmouth Gulf. This is where the renowned Exmouth Gulf flats lie.   The crew at Wilderness Island are the people who have, put in the most time over here discovering and uncovering the secrets of the famous flats. The flats have been recognized as “The best … [Read More...]

You Can Rent the Island

Picture this; you and a group of your good friends (maximum of 10 for this offer) renting a whole island exclusively for a week. What you do with your days is totally up to you and only dictated by tide and weather, take your watch off for the week and become a modern day Robinson Crusoe. Why not catch some fresh fish for dinner (its easy around … [Read More...]

What can I do at Wilderness Island?

The small island island offers you a true wilderness experience. The camp is built up on a small cliff overlooking the Exmouth Gulf just 20m back from the waters edge. The views are amazing and the constantly changing colours could keep you in camp all day just staring out at the marine life passing by. Wilderness Island is the ideal place to book … [Read More...]

New Changes to Camp

There are a few old faces we haven’t seen for a while and some we are yet to meet so we decided it was time for a look back at recent history. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have. Thank you to all of you who have helped to make some very happy memories for us at Wilderness Island. We would not be able to keep doing this if it weren’t for … [Read More...]

Testimonials & Client Reviews

Definitely not what I was expecting! What an awesome set up – you guys have done a fantastic job. Thanks so much for having me + the boys, I will definitely return to take advantage of the fish + crabs.
LisaPerth WA

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